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Improve your water game with the 100% pure natural Aquacode coffee brewing water!

Aquacode Coffee Brewing Water is a natural product developed to enhance the extraction of specialty coffee. Made of deep-sea ionic minerals extracted 700 metres below sea level in the Pacific Ocean by low-temperature vacuum concentration, Aquacode is completely free of additives.

(Parts per million) ppm we use at Homeground: 70 - 90 ppm

Water Composition

Aquacode accurately grasps the magnesium-calcium ion concentration ratio through patented ion tempering technology. Aquacode research team found that a ratio of calcium and magnesium of 1:2.7 creates an ideal balance of acidity and sweetness which can significantly improve the extraction of flavor substances in coffee and perfectly enhance the flavor.

You can also adjust the water using the dilution chart to suit your style of brew.

How to use Aquacode

Aquacode Black 7L Dilution Chart

Please hover over the image to view the back of the dilution chart.

Aquacode White 1L Dilution Chart