About us

Homeground Coffee Roasters is a community of home coffee brewers dedicated to spread the message, "The best brew is brewed by you".

When you brew your own coffee, what you get at the end is more than just a cup of coffee. You get to learn, experiment and perfect something that is truly unique to youEach thoughtful brew takes you on a journey of discovering your own perfect cup of coffee. 

A personal brew can be enjoyed and shared with loved ones or new friends, it’s essentially is a reason; a reason to connect with yourself and with others.

It is this guiding philosophy that shapes how our team create experiences for you. Our team is trained to provide you with the best combination of coffee and equipment that best suit your preference. We understand that the first step is always the hardest, but we are here to help.  

By curating our collection, we are confident that we can offer aspiring home brewers that little bit of confidence to take that first step yet be able to dicuss tips and ideas with the most seasoned of coffee connoisseurs. 

We are the Homeground for those who aspire to be their own brewers, where they come to be inspired, to savour life and to start conversations that might one day lead to more than just coffee. 

Team Homeground