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All the equipment you may need to assist you in brewing your favourite coffee.


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Origami Air Dripper (Size M)Origami Air Dripper (Size M)
Origami Air Dripper (Size M) Sale price$20.00 SGD
Origami Air Dripper (Size S)Origami Air Dripper (Size S)
Origami Air Dripper (Size S) Sale price$16.00 SGD
Sold out
Kalita Sandstone Wave DripperKalita Sandstone Wave Dripper
Kalita Sandstone Wave Dripper Sale priceFrom $43.50 SGD
Origami Dripper (Size S)Origami Dripper (Size S)
Origami Dripper (Size S) Sale priceFrom $32.00 SGD
Origami Dripper (Size M)Origami Dripper (Size M)
Origami Dripper (Size M) Sale price$35.00 SGD
Kalita One Touch DripperKalita One Touch Dripper
Kalita One Touch Dripper Sale price$7.00 SGD
Timemore French Press
Timemore French Press Sale price$36.00 SGD
Cold Brew Socks
Cold Brew Socks Sale price$3.00 SGD
Kalita Stainless Steel Wave DripperKalita Stainless Steel Wave Dripper
Kalita Stainless Steel Wave Dripper Sale priceFrom $43.50 SGD
Kalita Porcelain Wave DripperKalita Porcelain Wave Dripper
Kalita Porcelain Wave Dripper Sale priceFrom $38.50 SGD
Sold out
ORIGAMI Dripper HolderORIGAMI Dripper Holder
ORIGAMI Dripper Holder Sale priceFrom $11.00 SGD