3 Months Prepaid Glow In The Dark Subscription (Get 1 Timemore French Press Free)

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About Glow in the Dark

Our dark roast made to perfection, gleaming with a magnificent shine.


Tasting Notes

White Coffee
Dark Chocolate, Heavy Bodied, Creamy

Black Coffee
Dark Chocolate, Robust, Roasted Nuts


Chiapas La Zafiro, Mexico  

Subscribe now and get a free Timemore French Press!
New subscribers will get a free Timemore French Press with every 3-month prepaid Glow in the Dark subscription. Item will be sent out on the first subscription order.

*No returns, refunds or exchanges will be allowed after purchase.

What is Homeground on Loop?

Homeground on Loop is our coffee subscription programme, where you can choose from:

  • 2 different filter coffees, or
  • 2 espresso coffees: Vanta, and Glow in the Dark

The beauty of Homeground on Loop is the ability to customise your delivery schedule, so you’ll never be stuck waiting for your next coffee fix, and also the chance to enjoy different coffee from our carefully curated selection – you might find your new favourite coffee!

How often can I get my coffee?

Prepaid subscribers will receive coffee monthly.

When will my coffee be delivered?

Your coffee will be delivered within three working days from your date of subscription and at the chosen interval.

For example, if you subscribed on 4 August and selected a two-week frequency, your coffee will come within three working days of 4 August, 18 August, and 1 September.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes, you can pause or skip certain deliveries – simply drop us an email an ecom@hgcrs.com and we'll adjust your delivery schedule accordingly!

Can I get my coffee beans ground?

Unfortunately, as everyone uses different brewing equipment and the grind size required would be different, our subscription coffees will be sent out as whole beans.

Do I have to rest my coffee

Our coffee is freshly roasted, and we would recommend that your coffee be rested for two weeks before consumption.