Iris Estate Coffee Experience with Ely & Homing (June Edition)

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Iris Estate, Panama

For this month, we're brewing three different lots from Iris Estate. You may have heard of Finca Deborah, Panama, and the exceptional coffees from Jamison Savage. Iris Estate is a project led by Jamison himself, along with Sasa Sectic, our 2015 World Barista Champion, and Evin from Cloud Catcher Asia.

These three individuals came together seven years ago to create Iris Estate in Panama. With their diverse backgrounds and strengths, they aim to make Iris Estate a farm that can bring the unique tastes of its terroir to your cup. This year marks their third harvest, which has been one of the most remarkable ones we've encountered.

In this one-hour session, we'll begin with a sample roasting session where Ho Ming will share his approach to roasting. We'll then brew two lots, Illumination and Engima V3, and conclude with an espresso and milk beverage from the Aril lot.

We invite you to experience the journey from roasting to the final product with us.

4-course Menu

1. Iris Estate, Illumination, CM Washed, Gesha
2. Iris Estate, Engima V3, CM Natural, Gesha
3 / 4. Iris Estate, Aril, CM Washed, Gesha

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Homeground Roastery
55 Kim Chuan Drive 01-01, Singapore 537098


15 June 2024 / 22 June 2024

How to participate

Seats are limited to 4 pax per time slot.
Each ticket is $68 and grants entry to 1 pax only.

Please cart out your preferred time slot above and present your confirmation email before the coffee omakase experience.