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Aeropress Brew Guide

Things you need Aeropress Go Coffee grinder Weighing scale Aeropress filter paper 20g of Coffee (Recommend a medium to medium-heavy bodied coffee) Water 100g of Ice cube Recipe Prepare 20g of coffee medium-fine grind size 120g of 88 degree celsius water Rinse the filter paper with hot water and set it aside Add the coffee into the chamber and add in the 120g of hot water Stir five times in a circular motion  Tighten the lid, put a mug/cup over the Aeropress Turn the Aeropress over, at the 40 second mark, apply even pressure, press it down for 20 seconds to finish the brewing.  Add in 100g of ice cube and 20g of room temperature water Stir and enjoy! 

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Circuit Breaker Cold Brew Guide

Learn how to make cold brew coffee at home with a kopi sock. Watch the video below to see the step by step guide!  Things you need 80g of coarsely ground of Vanta (Our house blend)  800g of room temperature water (Black Cold Brew) / Meiji Milk Fresh Milk (White Cold brew) Kopi Sock (Free when you purchase Vanta with us)  1 one-liter Container/bottle  Recipe Add in the ground coffee into a one-liter container Add in the water into the same one-liter container Give it a good stir and wait for five mins Stir again. Let the cold brew sit in the chiller for 8-10 hours.  Once is ready, filter the coffee grinds using the kopi sock over a container Now,...

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