Brewing with Homeground - Brewing Basics (Class)

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Class Objective

To strive for everyday accessibility of excellent coffee for home brewers and professionals alike,
by simplifying the coffee brewing process into knowledge that has a direct effect on the coffee at hand

Class Breakdown

Brewing Class 01: Variables I & II
Small changes that produce a big impact on the outcome of a cup. Identifying the key elements for refining the brewing process and fine-tuning calibration.

Brewing Class 02: Assessing Coffee & Conveying Coffee Flavours
A intentional approach towards assessing the quantitative dimensions of coffee. Accompanied with theoretical assessment of the qualitative aspects of coffee.

Class Bundle

Class bundles are available:
2 Classes: $$240 ($120 per class)

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Class Venue & Instructor


Homeground Coffee Roastery

55 Kim Chuan Drive 01-01 Singapore 537098

Instructor / Profesional Barista

Brewing Class 01: Variables I & II - Elysia Tan
World Brewers Cup 2022 3rd Place, 2019 & 2022 Singapore National Brewers Cup Champion, Co-founder of Homeground Coffee Roasters

Brewing Class 02: Assessing Coffee & Conveying Coffee Flavours - Tay Ho Ming
Co-founder of Homeground Coffee Roasters and Head Roaster and Coffee of Homeground Coffee Roasters

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Syllabus focused
Coffee brewing is an art of practice and experience. Having a structured program that is deliberately paced allows participants to obtain deep understanding and mastery of the subjects at hand before proceeding onwards.

Class duration
Each course will take 60 minutes, and is a shared brewing experience that brings a brewer directly from principles – theory;

to internalisation – practice and tasting of outcomes.

Class size

Seats are limited to 8 pax per time slot.

Each class is $160 and grants entry to 1 pax only. Discounts will be available for subsequent classes. Please note that sessions sold are non-refundable and we won't be able to make any changes to the time slots purchased.

Please cart out your preferred time slot above and present your proof of purchase before the brewing class.