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With Passion, in profession.

The Homeground community is one that brings passion to our profession. Driven, inquisitive and methodical, our members constantly seek to push the boundaries, working towards greater goals and never settling for less than the best.

Not just a barista

Working at Homeground is about being more than just the ordinary. We constantly strive for growth, both in character and in competence, and empowering each individual with the resources needed to achieve their career goals here within the organisation.

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Homeground Members

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Customer-oriented, with an innate passion for coffee. Baristas are the face of Homeground Coffee Roasters and handle customers as part of the day-to-day operations at the café.

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Skilled and meticulous, our Kitchen team takes pride in serving the best culinary experience in the café, while constantly challenging the boundaries with their dynamism and technical expertise.

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Roasting Team

Maestros of the science of coffee roasting, with a keen eye for detail, the Roasting team takes on the challenge of constantly crafting the best coffee beans, keeping a high standard for quality throughout the process.

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Back of House

Support team take on various roles across operational functions to corporate and administrative tasks behind the scenes to allow the rest of the teams to stay focused on what they do best.

Frequently Asked

You can refer to the general hiring process as seen from here.

It depends on the job role and it takes about 10 working days or less if you are shortlisted.

We look for someone who is a embodiment of our three core values; innovation, pursuit of excellence and transparency.

You may write in to careers@hgcrs.com with your resume and the position you wish to apply for.

You can find out more about each position here.