Barista Opening



You will:

  • Prepare and serve different selections of coffee at Homeground using different brewing methods 
  • Taste you and your team’s coffee at Homeground regularly to ensure consistency and quality in every cup served 
  • Serve food created and prepared by Homeground’s Chef
  • Assist in managing retail sales, merchandising, and inventory
  • Stay updated on Homeground’s current coffee, food, and retail selections through tasting and information provided to you
  • Perform housekeeping tasks to maintain the cafe’s general hygiene.  
  • Support your team to ensure smooth operation

 Individuals are we looking for:

  • Passionate about coffee, food, and creating an amazing experience for those who visit Homeground. You enjoy and are able to carry a conversation with the team and guests.
  • Responsible, reliable, and consistent: Your team can always depend on you to be punctual, take responsibility and ownership in everything you do/ tasks assigned to you. You take pride in your craft. 
  • Willing to learn and self improve: You are humble and are open to ideas and feedback. You are always trying to make things better.
  • Proactive and value empathy: You believe in going the extra mile for your team and guests. 
  • Organized and hygienic: You look tidy, neat, and have good personal hygiene. You look presentable to all guests.
  • Open communication: You are open to giving opinions and presenting your point of view in a professional and non-hostile way.

 Last few things we are looking for:

  • Basic math skills: Ability to understand and calculate ratios as well as count. 
  • Relative physical fitness: Ability to move and handle packages up to 25kg (for example: coffee beans, equipment), as well as stand for long periods of time
  • No allergy to dairy products 
  • Able to work on weekends and public holidays 

 Your entitlements: 

  • Salary range $1900-2400
  • Annual wage supplement (AWS) 
  • Performance bonus (if applicable) 
  • 14 days leave per year
  • 1 birthday leave per year
  • Staff meals will be provided 
  • Staff discount for retail items

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