Lollipop V3.1 (Espresso Roast)

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Lollipop V3.1 (Espresso Roast)

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About this coffee
Lollipop is back – in a new form! After the double Rwandan we had last time, our newest composition is a double Ethiopian, tasting a lot like our favourite childhood ice cream, Paddle Pop, hence the colourful illustration for this version!

50% Gigesa, Ethiopia
50% Mesina, Ethiopia

As a White coffee, 
Milk Tea, Malty, White Chocolate

As a Black coffee, 
Kaffir Lime, Blackberry, Syrupy with Black Tea Finish

If you would like us to grind your coffee, please let us know of your brewing equipment that you are planning to use before checking out, so we are able to recommend an appropriate grind size.