Limoncillo (Filter Roast)

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Limoncillo (Filter Roast)

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About this coffee
Coffee: Limoncillo (Finca Mierisch)
Cooperative: La Dalia 
Origin: Nicaragua
Process: Anaerobic Washed 
Varietal: Javanica
Elevation: 850- 1110 masl
Tasting Notes: Orange, Red dates, Milk chocolate, Poached apples

Limoncillo is one of the many farms run by the Mierisch Family. Finca Mierisch runs over ten different farms in Honduras and Nicaragua. Over the years, they have cultivated many different varietals and experimented with different methods of processing to cope with environmental changes and the demand in the market.

We are featuring one of their many varietals, Javanica, found in Limoncillo. This is a Java varietal, but the Mierisch decided to change the name because it is the first Java they planted in Nicaragua.

Limoncillo is well balanced and sweet, making it an excellent coffee for you to start the day.

If you would like us to grind your coffee, please leave us a comment before check out on the brewing equipment used, so we know the appropriate grind size to grind the coffee.