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    Gichathaini is one of three factories (or washing stations) that together form the Gikanda Farmers’ cooperative society. The factory itself is owned by the coffee farmers who deliver cherries to the station. There are currently 897 members, of which roughly 770 are active and sell their coffees through the factory. 


    Cooperative:  Gikanda Farmers’ cooperative society. 770 smallholders farms

    Washing Station: Gichathaini

    Varietal: Mainly SL 28 and SL34, with a little bit of Ruiru 11 and Batian

    Processing: Fully washed

    Altitude: 1600 to 1900 metres above sea level

    Region: Nyeri 



    Recommended Brewing Guide

    Brew Ratio: 1: 16
    Temperature: 93 - 94 degree Celsius