El Letrero Elvin Rios, Panama (Filter Roast)
El Letrero Elvin Rios, Panama (Filter Roast)

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El Letrero Elvin Rios, Panama (Filter Roast)

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About this coffee

Creativa Coffee District has adopted the Neighbors & Crops coffee model from La Palma & El Tucan. They believe this model has effectively challenged the status by changing the way that farmers have used to grow, process, and market coffee – where productivity comes before quality.

Creativa aims to produce outstanding profiles taking care of our natural environment. They are against water waste, that’s why up to 85% of our coffee portfolio is processed natural and honey.

They dry all of their coffees at the most significant concrete patio of Panama! It has been a big challenge to understand how to use the high temperature it reaches towards their quality standards. Believe it or not, on a hot summer day, our patio can go up to 56º Celsius.

The range of natural coffee profiles is extensive. From the introvert 24 hours cherry fermentation to the borderline 96 hours in controlled atmospheric conditions. They can highlight flavors and aromas as requested.

This particular coffee we are featuring is El Letrero Elvin Rios, one of the projects from Creativa Coffee District.

Coffee: El Letrero Elvin Rios
Region: Hornitos
Origin: Panama
Process: Natural
Varietal: Caturra, Catuai
Elevation: 1300 masl

Tasting Notes: Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry, Lemon Tea, Chocolate

If you would like us to grind your coffee, please leave us a comment before check out on the brewing equipment used, so we know the appropriate grind size to grind the coffee.