Cerro Azul Discovery (Ships out 15 December 2023)

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Introducing our Cerro Azul Discovery, a unique collection from one of the coffee farms that have been with us since the inception of Homeground Coffee Roasters back in 2017.

This exclusive box features 1 Gesha flower, 1 Gesha Cascara, and 3 different types of Geshas, 2 Washed, 2 Honey and 2 Natural processed. We are thrilled to have Cerro Azul back with us, a farm whose coffee we've proudly served for many years and even presented on the world stage.

This special discovery set is designed for the home-brewer to explore and enjoy all aspects of the farm and the unique flavours it has to offer.

What's in the Set

Coffee is in whole beans. Each set contains:

1 x 2g of Gesha Flower,

1 x 6g of Gesha Cascara,

2 x 16g of Gesha, Washed Processed,

2 x 16g of Gesha, Honey Processed,

2 x 16g of Gesha, Natural Processed.