Cerro Azul Chocolate Series
Cerro Azul Chocolate Series

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Cerro Azul Chocolate Series

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Experience a walk through the farm Cerro Azul from Colombia. We infused/blend the coffee blossom, Cascara and coffee beans with locally made chocolate.  

Please allow us to walk you through the farm of Cerro Azul today with three different chocolates coming from different parts of the coffee plant.

Cerro Azul Cascara Chocolate
We start with cascara, the dehydrated skin of fully ripen coffee cherries from Cerro Azul estates, 33879 Gesha varietal coffee trees in Colombia. Paired with cacao from Rehoboth’s estate in Philippines.

Tasting notes: Floral, plums and mandarin orange finish.

Cerro Azul Coffee Flower Chocolate
Coffee Flowers blossom a few weeks before the cherries ripen but its amazing fragrance is seldom enjoyed outside of the farm. Rigoberto Herrera, Cerro Azul’s coffee producer, decided to harvest and dry the coffee flowers for brewing into tea so that more people can enjoy them. Paired with cacao from Pak Eddy’s estate in Indonesia. 

Tasting notes: Osmanthus, Dried longans, White flowers and Red dates.

Cerro Azul Coffee Chocolate
Made with one of the most amazing and delicious coffee we have tasted this year - a Gesha varietal natural processed coffee from Cerro Azul in Colombia. Paired with cacao from Pak Eddy’s estate in Indonesia. 

Tasting notes: Red plums, strawberry, red grape and wine.