Brewing with Homeground - Homebrewing Tryout

Brewing with Homeground - Homebrewing Tryout

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The objective of conducting this class

It is to assist you in getting started with your new hobby of coffee brewing at home. It serves as an introductory session to help you determine if coffee brewing is something you enjoy. It is a fun activity that can be enjoyed with friends, family or loved ones. The class is designed to be casual and non-technical.

If you have a dream of making coffee for yourself and your loved ones, consider this class as your first step towards brewing good coffee at home.

Date and Time

Homebrewing Tryout Class
24 February 2024, 9am - 10am
2 March 2024, 9am - 10am

13 Teo Hong Road
Singapore 088327

More about Brewing with Homeground

Syllabus focused
Coffee brewing is an art of practice and experience. Having a structured program that is deliberately paced allows participants to obtain deep understanding and mastery of the subjects at hand before proceeding onwards.

Class duration
Each course will take 60 minutes, and is a shared brewing experience that brings a brewer directly from principles – theory;
to internalisation – practice and tasting of outcomes.

How to Participate

Seats are limited to 6 pax per time slot.

Each class is $80 and grants entry to 1 pax only. Discounts will be available for subsequent classes. Please note that sessions sold are non-refundable and we won't be able to make any changes to the time slots purchased.

Please cart out your preferred time slot above and present your proof of purchase before the brewing class.