Origami Dripper - Size M

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The brainchild of the founder of Japan’s Trunk Coffee and ORIGAMI, the ORIGAMI Dripper is designed by baristas for baristas. 


The ORIGAMI dripper is made of thin ceramic, featuring 20 grooves with a large hole at the bottom – making it a versatile dripper as you can choose between conical shaped filter paper or Kalita Wave filter paper. This allows for stable brewing temperatures, more control for brew speed, as well as flow rate.

The holder is designed to be separate from the dripper, and is made of a heat insulated material. This helps prevent heat loss and ensures that heat is not transferred away from the dripper, helping you to maintain a stable temperature during the brewing process.

With a wide variety of colours available, and its suitability with both ORIGAMI and Kalita Wave filter papers, you can customise your brewing experience and enjoy your coffee with different cup profiles!



Made in Nagoya, Japan

Recommended Dosage

10 to 15 grams

15-25 grams

Compatible filter paper

ORIGAMI filter paper
The ORIGAMI filter paper is conical in shape, creating depth and complexity in your cup profile through a conical coffee bed.

Kalita Wave filter paper
The 20 grooves fit the Kalita Wave filter paper perfectly, creating a semi flat coffee bed. The Kalita Wave filter paper is highly recommended for beginners, as it gives brewers better control over the brewing process.