Stay Home Brew Kit
Stay Home Brew Kit
Stay Home Brew Kit

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Stay Home Brew Kit

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Stay Home Brew Kit
200ml Kettle x 1
Green Series Coffee (100g) x 1 
One Touch Dripper (10 pcs) x 1 pack 
Kalita 300G Server x 1 (Optional)

Ratio: 12g of coffee / 216g of water (1:16)
Temperature: 92-94 degree (depending on coffee)
Grind Size: Medium coarse (refer to grind size chart)
Brew Time: 1m 30s-1m 50s

With this Stay Home Brew Kit, you can brew your own coffee at home without splurging on a dripper. This kit comes with 100g of coffee, 10 pieces of One touch dripper and a 200ml kettle. 

The one touch dripper is the most affordable dripper you can find. Each pack contains 10 pieces of One Touch dripper 
Just fold and place on a cup! All you need to do is to add coffee grounds into the dripper and pour hot water over it. 

Simple, convenient and mess free. 

The Kalita conical server gives you enough height if your cup is not high enough for the coffee to flow through the One touch dripper.