ORIGAMI Dripper Homeground Green
ORIGAMI Dripper Homeground Green


ORIGAMI Dripper Homeground Green

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The ORIGAMI Dripper is designed by the founder of Trunk Coffee and Origami in Japan. 

This ceramic dripper is made in Nagoya, Japan. The shape of the dripper with 20 grooves allows you to use both the conical shaped filter paper and Kalita wave filter paper, making it a very versatile dripper.

Recommended dosage: 10 to 15 grams (small) and 15 to 25 grams (medium)
Material: Ceramic 
Recommended filter paper: Origami filter paper or Kalita Wave filter paper

Origami filter paper
The Origami filter paper has a conical shape that creates depth and complexity in your cup profile through the conical shaped coffee bed.

Kalita wave filter paper
The 20 grooves in the dripper fit the Kalita wave filter paper perfectly, creating a semi flat coffee bed. This gives the brewers a better control over the brewing process, which is suitable for beginners.

Experience your coffee with two different cup profiles using the Origami Dripper!